2. Time For Fun

Time for Fun, 2000 Ed. 1/8 aluminum

78 x 52 x 52 in.

Inspired by Dance in the Country by Pierre Auguste Renoir


Compared to the formal, almost solemn mood of Whispering Close, Time for Fun, its mate, is as open as the fan splayed in the hand of the woman, who listens with abandon to the sweet nothings of her partner in anticipation of a kiss. In Johnson’s three-dimensional interpretation, we are especially aware of her ample, ruffled dress cinched at the waist that emphasizes the curves of her body. Her robust figure contrasts with the slim elegance of the city counterpart, but her plump stature is embraced by her companion. The partners seem, in fact, to complement one another, her rounded shape playing off his lean one, which is accentuated by his dark, tailored suit.