Meet the Family

Dita, Ben, Peggie, Michael, Hubert, 1912.

John Shaffer "Jay" Phipps (1874-1958)

Margarita Cecelia "Dita" Grace (1876-1957)

married November 4, 1903, Battle, England


  • John Henry Howard "Ben" (1904-1982)
  • Hubert Beaumont (1905-1969)
  • Margaret Helen "Peggie" (1906-2006)
  • Michael Grace (1910-1973)

A graduate of Yale and Harvard, Jay's career focused on managing the Phipps's family financial interests. (His father Henry established the family's enormous wealth following the creation of U.S. Steel and the subsequent purchase of his share of Carnegie Steel.) Building upon the careful planning and advice of his father, Jay ensured the family's wealth would continue to last for several generations.

Reaching the rank of major in the US Army's newly-minted Air Service, Jay trained pilots during WWI. He also served on the boards on numerous businesses and cultural organizations. An avid sportsman, Jay became a leading advocate for the sport of polo in the US.

Dita focused her life caring for her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. On Long Island she championed welfare agencies for young women, and in Palm Beach, where she spent the winter months, she was a leading patron of the arts. Her greatest legacy is her love of gardening and is exemplified in the Walled Garden which she carefully tended during her life and is maintained today in her memory.

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Henry and Anne, c. 1910

Henry Phipps, Jr. (1839-1930)

Anne Childs Shaffer (1854-1934)

married February 6, 1872, Pennsylvania


  • Amelia (1872-1959)
  • John Shaffer (1874-1958)
  • Helen Margaret (1876-1934)
  • Henry Carnegie (1879-1953)
  • Howard (1881-1981)

Henry was one of the leaders of Pittsburgh's iron and steel industry. A childhood friend of neighbors Tom and Andrew Carnegie, Henry eventually became the chief financial officer of Carnegie Steel. He gradually retired from business in the 1890s and focused on his philanthropic interests in affordable urban housing, research of tuberculosis and mental health. As a gift to the city of his childhood he established the Phipps Conservatory, which continues to this day as a leader in horticultural excellence and community outreach.

Anne encouraged Henry's philanthropic efforts especially to those organizations that specialized in educational opportunities for women. When she moved to New York she especially supported agencies that advocated for women's health.

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Elisa, Elena, Michael, Margarita, Dita, c. 1885.

Michael Paul Grace (1842-1920)

Margarita Anita Mason (1848-1930)

married January 16, 1869, Callao, Peru


  • Elisa Mercedes (1869-1917)
  • Elena Marie "Lin" (1874-1944)
  • Margarita Cecelia "Dita" (1876-1957)
  • Gladys (1878-1988)

Brother of William Russel Grace, Michael followed his brother to Peru and aided his brother in a fledgling shipping supply company that would become the Grace Shipping Lines, a major goods and passenger transport company serving the US and South America. (W.R. served as mayor of New York for two terms in the 1880s) In the mid-1890s Michael relocated to England to manage the European interests of Grace National Bank, headquartered in London.

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