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Revisiting the Familiar: Seward Johnson at the Gardens features 35 individual pieces focusing on sculptural commentary about day-to-day life and Johnson’s love of nature and French impressionism. New to the exhibition is a selection from the artist’s “Icon” series, which explores familiar images portrayed in a different light, as well as the debut of a never-before-seen composition.

In addition to the sculptures located in gardens, the exhibition continues in Westbury House featuring maquettes, or studies, by Johnson, as well as 16 trays painted by Johnson that are selected from his Midnight Snack Art series.

Two life-sized works by Johnson are also located in the House.

Prior to becoming a well-known sculptor, Johnson was a painter who painted primarily on canvas with acrylics. Once his career as a sculptor flourished, his painting projects subsided - except for one unique format, painted trays. Each of the paintings hung in Westbury House allow a rare window through Seward’s eyes, featuring his sculptures and views at Ground For Sculpture. 

A display of Seward’s unrealized maquettes, or studies, recently cast in plaster is on display in Westbury House, as well as a small selection of work from artist Herk van Tongeren, friend and colleague to Johnson. Van Tongeren helped establish the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture and its master apprentice system as President and Executive Director. An architect at heart, his work predominantly consists of three-dimensional, geometrical objects positioned within a stage-like setting, 

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